Barcode labeling solutions for microscope slides and samples.

Explore the epitome of specimen identification with our standard microscope slide labels. Our labels transcend mere products; they are meticulously crafted solutions tailored to address the evolving needs of your laboratory setting, enhancing efficiency and value throughout your workflow.

Achieve reliable results with engineered microscope slide labels

  • Get reliable performance labels are fully resistant to xylene, DMSO, methanol, isopropyl alcohol and other common solvents
  • Maintain chain of custody during H&E and IHC special staining with FLAP (Flexible-Lamination-After-Printing) labels that protect the image throughout the life of the slide
  • Increase automation precision labels are designed to work with automated staining equipment
  • Streamline workflows slide labels can be kitted and shipped directly to your end user pathology labs to ensure a closed-loop solution

Microscope barcode solutions for every lab

Choose from a range of options to suit your specific needs. Opt for standard, non-laminate microscope slide labels for routine analysis or consider engineered FLAP labels designed for added durability. You can also explore advanced marking solutions tailored to your unique requirements and lab environment. This comprehensive range of labeling choices guarantees precise sample identification and tracking in any setting.

FLAP Self-Laminating Labels

Enhance your lab’s reliability with our comprehensive barcode solutions. Meet our FLAP label, originally designed for histology yet suitable for extra durability in various settings.

Crafted from high-quality materials and a robust face stock, these labels can endure staining, abrasions, and exposure to harsh chemicals.

Non-Laminate Labels

Elevate your lab’s precision with our non-laminate standard microscope slide labels, perfect for typical needs in analysis and testing labs.

These labels are engineered for clarity and reliability in routine applications, providing straightforward sample identification without additional layers. Count on their consistent performance to meet your requirements.

Standard Tube Labels Specifics Benefit
Sizes Standard size: .875″ x .875″ Custom sizes available upon request
Adhesives Custom adhesives, some FDA 21 CFR 175.105 certified Custom engineered adhesives to suit different temperatures from -196° up to 260°C
Printing Blank or pre-printed Choose blank or pre-printed labels, or ask us about partially pre-printed labels
Formats Standard or FLAP FLAP labels are self-laminating for increased image protection and durability

Barcode expertise: precision formatting and design

Unique sample identification is the lifeblood of every data-driven lab. In your lab, every sample, every test, every data point matters. We understand the vital role of unique identifiers in your lab’s success, offering tailored solutions for error-free tracking and reliable scans.

  • High-contrast barcodes for reliable scans
  • Linear and 2D symbologies to match any application
  • Manual and digital sequence quality checks
  • Ensure compatibility with software and instruments
  • Facilitate accurate, reliable data capture
  • Enhance automated workflows and dynamic routing
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