Barcode and sequence labels for PCR tubes, strips, and plates.

Elevate your PCR experiments with our solutions, designed to address the specific challenges faced by PCR labs. From precision labeling and advanced marking technologies to comprehensive labware and meticulous attention to detail, we empower you to achieve unparalleled accuracy, reliability, and productivity in your research.

Barcoded PCR labware for unparalleled accuracy and traceability

  • Precision PCR Identification: Elevate sample management with high density data matrix barcodes
  • Enhanced Sample Traceability: Ensure accurate sample tracking and traceability, improving data integrity and compliance
  • Error Reduction: Minimize data entry errors and eliminate imprecise handwritten labels to increase the reliability of your results

Unique barcode solutions for PCR and microcentrifuge tubes

One of the primary struggles in labeling PCR tubes is their small size and, in the case of strips, their odd geometry. Applying adhesive labels to these tiny surfaces poses a significant challenge, especially when wearing gloves. Additionally, handwritten labels will hold less data and can lead to misinterpretation, incorrect numbering, or misplacement, resulting in inaccuracies.

Non-adhesive data matrix barcodes 

Barcoding PCR tubes and strips allows you to associate rich data with individual samples. Embracing this technology enhances precision, enables deeper insights, and establishes a more robust chain of custody.

Advanced barcoding and marking technologies like laser marking and cured inks make it possible to barcode and label these difficult pieces of labware.

Pre-marked data matrix barcodes are an ideal solution for PCR due to their compact size, high data density, easy readability, and serialization. 

  • Associate rich data with individual samples
  • Barcode small and connected tubes
  • Eliminate fit issues with racks and centrifuges
  • Digitally track sample history and location

Comprehensive PCR solutions: Labware Prep™ Services

Traditional methods of identifying PCR tubes, strips, and other labware have long posed significant challenges. The small size and unique shapes of these labware items make it difficult to mark or label them by hand effectively. Moreover, most label applicators are unable to handle such miniature dimensions. This has left laboratories struggling to find reliable means of uniquely identifying and tracking PCR samples, particularly in a digital context.

Labware Prep™ Services offers labs a critical solution—providing the capability to barcode and mark even the tiniest .2mL tubes and connected strips to your exacting specifications. These advanced marking technologies, including laser marking and cured ink direct marking, allows labs to associate a wealth of data with individual tubes and samples.

RNase/DNase controlled production

Safeguard the purity and reliability of your invaluable nucleic acid samples, preserve the accuracy and repeatability of your experiments, and uphold the highest standards of quality and data integrity with certified RNase/DNase-free labware.

We process, barcode, and prep your labware within a controlled environment to ensure the absence of these degrading enzymes. 

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