Advanced sample identification and labware preparation.

Pre-barcoded laboratory services allow you to receive your labware already labeled, tared, sorted, and kitted to your specifications. With this service, you can experience significant time, budget, staffing, and inventory savings. Our flexible laboratory service program is the preferred choice for organizations focused on pharmaceutical development, biotechnology, clinical studies, and repository storage.

Pre-scientific preparation for strategic laboratory management

At Computype we’re happy to specialize in preparation. We’ve invested a lot of years, experience, and resources in perfecting the supply of pre-barcoded and prepared labware. The result is a service that’s tried and trusted for accuracy, quality and reliability.

Computype’s pre-barcoded labware services eliminate the prep work needed before testing and analysis. These meticulous tasks can slow down any lab and lead to mislabeled or lost samples.

In addition to barcoding and labeling, we can enhance your labware with practical markings like write-on patches and graduated fill lines.

Complete your service offering with additional preparation services such as tare weighing and custom packaging. Consult with an identification and tracking expert to get started today.

Pre-Barcoded Labware Service Elements.

Reduce friction in your laboratory with fully prepared labware and sample containers

Tracking information throughout a laboratory is a critical yet challenging task. Identifying samples and specimens, executing complex workflow and testing procedures, and analyzing data and results rely on flawless data integrity. Strategic planning, organization, and preparation are vital for success. Partnering with a trusted laboratory service provider and sourcing pre-barcoded and prepared labware is key to achieving a well-organized, efficiently run, data-optimized laboratory.







Types of Pre-Identified Labware.

From glass vials to plastic caps—receive your labware prepared for your needs.

Instead of reaching out to your labware supplier for vials and plates, your label supplier for labels, and your printer company for inks and ribbons, you can single source all of your labware preparation needs with our laboratory services program. While we commonly support high recovery vials, microplates, molded vials, open top tubes, etc—you choose the labware you need, including a preferred manufacturer so you can have complete confidence in your containers.

Tubes and Vials

High-quality sequential barcodes and custom laboratory labels for glass vials, plastic tubes, of any shape or size. Withstand harsh environments including severe temperature and chemical exposures with labels that will not peel or fade.


Identification and tracking solutions for microplates including durable label materials to withstand environmental extremes, RFID systems to enhance security, and automatic label application to improve efficiency.

Microscope Slides

Uniquely engineered, durable labels for microscope and histology slides. Xylene resistant, stain proof labels with a protective laminate cover to safeguard your label information and ensure fast and accurate diagnostic testing.

Reagent Bottles

Safely store chemical reagents and ensure regulatory compliance with durable, sequential barcode labels for laboratory bottles and containers. Improve label application and asset tracking in your laboratory with solutions from Computype.

Need to identify irregular shapes, uncommon sizes, or low volumes?

Our facility, team of experts, years of experience, and an unyielding dedication to supporting laboratories means that we are designed to meet custom and bespoke needs.

When working with irregularly shaped labware, non-standard sizes, or low volumes, custom labels can become costly if purchased through a labware manufacturer.

Our focus and our resources allow us to support the unique needs many laboratories face.

pre-identified labware

Labware Labeling, Barcoding, and Marking.

Sequential barcodes, functional markings, human-readable labels, and more.

We ensure high-quality barcodes are placed on your labware to ensure maximum readability during downstream processing. With our pre-barcoded labware, you will have three barcode identification solutions available—making it easy to specify the proper identification method based on cost, container type, and the demands of your specific laboratory procedures.

Pressure Sensitive.

Pressure sensitive labels are constructed out of either polyester, polypropylene, or polyethylene, and are applied with an adhesive. These labels are commonly used in labs today. 

Direct Mark.

This technology prints and cures specially formulated ink directly to the surface of glass or plastic labware. This creates a near permanent mark able to withstand extreme conditions. 


Ceramic IDs are permanent—guaranteed to survive as long as the container itself. Ceramic barcodes are made from a special clay that will permanently bond to a glass container when fired in a kiln. 

Laser Etching.

Laser marking technology is suitable for metal, plastic, and glass, and can print on both flat and curved surfaces. Laser marking provides strong chemical, temperature and abrasion resistance. 

Enhance your labware and increase its functionality with practical markings.

Labeling and marking labware can do more than identify samples and specimens. We encourage our customers to enhance their labware and increase its functionality by adding grad lines, color coding, write-on patches, logos, and human-readable text.

Fused IDs on Glass Vials

Labware Preparation Services

Ready to use labware and sample containers, fit for your needs.

Prepared labware services begin with pre-barcoded labware and add additional features, including tare weighing, sorting, kitting, etc. This service program aims to reduce laborious laboratory prep work, eliminate pre-analytical testing variables, and protect the lab’s sample and data integrity.

Our approach allows each laboratory to determine which service elements will add value to its bottom line and dismiss any redundant features. Our identification and tracking experts work with each lab to understand their workflows, the demands of their environment and testing procedures, any restraints in their facility or resources, and their budgetary needs to create a tailored solution.

We support scientific and medical research by providing labware ready to use immediately upon delivery – labeled, weighed, sorted, racked, and prepared to the most precise specifications.

Pre-barcoded labware and preparation services ultimately allow laboratories to strengthen their focus on their own goals, optimize resources, and increase efficiency, accuracy, and consistency.

Labware Procurement

Save time, effort, and money using Computype – and our buying power – to source your labware. Get the ideal labware for your work effortlessly. Gain from the simplicity of receiving the pre-labeled and prepared labware you need to be delivered directly to your facility

Pre-Tared Labware

Benefit from having your labware pre-weighed, cataloged, and ready to use as soon as it arrives on site. Each item weighed to a tenth of a milligram accuracy – +/- 0.2 or 0.5mg depending on the label material. Staff are free to work on their productive core activities.

Sorting, Kitting, Packaging

Computype performs capping or de-capping, plugging, racking, and sorting tasks. Labware and kits assembled to your bespoke specifications, including brand standards. Labware is immediately ready to use upon delivery.

Start tracking your success today.