Pre-Barcoded Labware

 Custom laboratory labels and labware preparation.

Properly managing samples and specimens is critical for any laboratory environment. Computype has services available to support regulatory compliance, improve efficiency, and ultimately allow your scientists and experts to focus on their research goals—and less time prepping your labware. Pre-barcoded laboratory services allow you to receive your labware already labeled, tared, sorted, and kitted to your specifications. With this service you can experience significant time, budget, staffing, and inventory savings. Our flexible laboratory service program is the preferred choice for organizations focused on pharmaceutical development, biotechnology, clinical studies, and repository storage.

Pre-Applied Labels and Laboratory Services

Receive your containers fully prepared to your specifications including barcoding, taring, and kitting.

Computype’s laboratory service offering eliminates all of the prep work need before you can begin your research and testing. These meticulous tasks can slow down any lab, and often lead to mislabeled or lost samples. Our solutions include a tried-and-true pressure sensitive label, innovative direct mark technology for plastic and glass, and fired-on ceramic permanent identifications.

In addition to barcoding and labeling, we can enhance your labware with functional markings like graduation lines on tubes, or color branded logos. You can also receive your labware pre-tared complete with a full tare weight report, and pre-sorted and packaged to your exacting specifications. Download our brochure below, or continue exploring this page to learn more.

Types of Labware

From glass vials to plastic caps—receive your labware prepared for your needs.

Instead of reaching out to your labware supplier for vials and plates, your label supplier for labels, and your printer company for inks and ribbons, you can single source all of your labware preparation needs with our laboratory services program.

While we commonly support high recovery vials, microplates, molded vials, open top tubes, etc—you choose the labware you need, including a preferred manufacturer so you can have complete confidence in your containers.

Pre-Barcoded Glass Vials
Tare Weighing a Glass Vial

Tare Weighing

Pre-tared vials prepared for your laboratory

By sourcing pre-weighed or pre-tared vials and containers you can release your skilled staff from a laborious and time-consuming task. Focus on the science and rest assured that every container weight is precise and accurate prior to filling.

After labeling or marking Computype can accurately weigh your containers and provide an electronic output file for easy reference. Our tare weigh room is temperature and humidity controlled to ensure precision accuracy. Tare weigh services provide container weight accuracy or 0.1mg±0.2mg.

Keep in mind that Pressure Sensitive Labels will change weight over time and in different environments due to the multiple layers of the label and the adhesive. Ceramic and Direct Mark identification methods will have no change in weight over time.

“Computype consistently provides the best labeling solutions for us because they took the time to learn our applications … We don’t have to worry about things like labels, barcodes, container sourcing or weight, because Computype does all of that for us.”

Custom Labeling, Barcoding, and Marking

Sequential barcodes, functional markings, human-readable labels, and more.

We ensure high-quality barcodes will be precisely placed on your labware to ensure maximum readability during downstream processing. With our pre-barcoded labware you will have three barcode identification solutions available—making it easy to specify the right identification method based on cost, container type, and the demands of your specific laboratory procedures. With this selection of marking technologies we can adapt to meet the needs of any lab, whether the most important factor is permanence, cost-effectiveness, or chemical and temperature resistance. 

Pressure Sensitive Labels.

Pressure sensitive labels are constructed out of either polyester, polypropylene, or polyethylene, and are applied with an adhesive. These labels are commonly used in labs today. 

Although pressure sensitive labels are the least durable option, they often work well for certain sample containers. This offers a perfect budget-friendly solution. 

Direct Mark Technology.

Direct mark technology prints and cures specially formulated ink directly to the surface of your glass or plastic labware. This creates a near permanent mark capable of withstanding harsh chemical baths, extreme temperatures, and long-term storage. 

The ability to print on to the surface of labware without a layer of media also makes it possible to include functional markings like grad-lines.

Ceramic Labeling Technology.

Ceramic IDs are permanent—guaranteed to survive as long as the container itself. Ceramic barcodes are made from a special clay that will permanently bond to a glass container when fired in a kiln. In addition to both linear and 2D barcodes, small round colored markers can be placed on the bottoms of glass vials.

This method is not compatible with plastic containers due to the high temperatures involved in the bonding process.

Verified Sequence Management

Eliminate duplicate and no-read barcodes.

At Computype, our Sequence Management Service begins by storing all of your sequence information in our proprietary database to allow for the tracking of sequential numbers printed on labels. This way we can ensure you never receive a repeat code.

With a sequence management system, barcode sequences are traceable by part number, individual organization, or processing center in cases of multiple locations. If a center has multiple locations, Computype’s software has the ability to group all locations together and track the sequences to ensure no duplicates are printed. 

We also utilize our proprietary vision system to identify any unsuitable labels, so corrections can be made before your order is shipped.

Controlled Production
Organized Glass Vials

Pre-Sorted Labware Delivery

Pre-packaged, organized labware. 

We offer custom sorting, kitting, and packing options to meet your a variety of needs.

If left unspecified, your order will be repacked in the original packaging supplied by the labware manufacturer. 

However, you can also choose to receive your pieces in sequential order or have tubes and caps packaged separately. Our variety of services ensures that your labware is ready for use immediately upon delivery. 

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