RFID Tags and Systems.

Radio Frequency Identification—RFID—is an old technology now growing dramatically in its usage in an increasingly interconnected world. Its primary advantages include non-line-of-sight reading, dynamic data encoding, and increased memory.  What do these mean? 

  • You don’t need to see the item being read; it can be hidden inside a carton or stacked randomly on a shelf.
  • The data encoded in the RFID chip can be changed based on time, temperature, location, or remote manual input by an authorized user.
  • And lots of data can be encoded in a tiny chip.

With barcode identification—still a hugely popular, ubiquitous technology—the scanner must “see” the item it’s reading.  Changes to the data encoded require an updated (reprinted) label.  And there are physical and optical limits to the amount of data that can be encoded.  Clearly, RFID has some compelling advantages and, as you would expect, a higher price tag than most barcode systems.

Computype’s experience in automatic identification extends to RFID, and we’ve provided solutions to a number of industries, some of which are highlighted below.

diagnostic labs and instrumentation

Preventing the use of knock-off reagents in instruments can be prevented via RFID chips on the containers which are read and verified by the instrument. Smart tags also indicate when it’s time to replace empty reagent containers and can verify the right container has been placed in its proper location in the right instrument.

tire manufacturing and distribution

We have developed robust label materials and adhesives that withstand the rigors of tire manufacturing. When the tire label includes an RFID inlay (a “smart” label), read rates improve, manual labor is reduced, audit trail is enhanced, and decisions can be made faster.

blood sample tracking

We’re working with a major blood laboratory to automatically track and trace the movement of both full and empty blood tube cartons from delivery to the testing lab, and then verify its return shipment to the original blood collection source. The system will reduce lost or misplaced containers and give management a near-real-time picture of where blood tube cartons are throughout their in-bound and out-bound process.

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