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4 Reasons to Label Your Specimen Closures

Most often you’ll find labels applied to the sides of tubes and vials—and for good reason. A long and narrow bar code and line of text fit perfectly along the side of most specimen containers. However, there are situations where this traditional approach simply isn’t...

What is Laser Barcode Marking? A Durable Alternative to Traditional Laboratory Labeling

Laser marking technology offers a semi-permanent and versatile identification solution suitable for nearly any labware type. Whether you need to mark a unique material, an oddly shaped container, or just a standard piece of labware, a laser marking strategy is worth...

Actively Manage Your Laboratory’s Digital Supply Chain with Callouts

Successfully managing items and assets throughout your laboratory requires a robust data management strategy and digital visibility into your supply chain. Gathering multiple data sources and connections into one centralized location can support that need. However, it...