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How do I calibrate the Zebra ZD420 printer for my media?

Instructions on how to manually calibrate the ZD42 Zebra printer for use with your label media

  1. Your media must be loaded and the printer power on
  2. Press pause button for 2 seconds to enter advanced mode
  3. The status indicator will show solid yellow when ready
  4. Press pause button to start the manual media calibration process
  5. The media indicator will flash yellow then the pause indicator will flash
  6. Open the printer and remove a few labels from the liner & place the liner where the labels were removed directly above the movable sensor
  7. Close the printer and press pause once
  8. The media indicator will flash as the media liner is measured
  9. When complete the pause indicator will begin flashing
  10. Open the printer and reposition the media so a label is directly positioned above the movable sensor
  11. Close the printer and press pause once
  12. The printer will feed and measure several labels
  13. The printer will return to a ready state when complete with a green status indicator
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