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How do I clean a thermal transfer printhead?

Instructions on how a thermal transfer printhead should be cleaned

Cleaning Intervals:

  •  Thermal transfer printing – every ribbon roll change

Cleaning the printhead:

  1. Turn the power off the printer at the back of the unit
  2. Unplug the power cord
  3. Open the printhead by moving the printhead lever to the open position. Remove the media and ribbon (if present).
  4. Lightly blow away any loose dust or lint particles, never use any hard, metallic, or abrasive objects on or around printhead.
  5. Take a printhead cleaning wipe and carefully wipe the printhead.
  6. Wipe the printhead element from end to end, the wipe will collect the dirt from the printhead.
  7. Repeat this process with a new wipe each time until the cotton swab remains white.
  8. Allow a few seconds for the solvent to evaporate.
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