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How do I install the cutter in the Zebra ZT400 series?

Instructions on how to install the cutter for the Zebra ZT400 series

  1. Turn off the printer and disconnect the power cord and data cables
  2. Connect your self to an anti-static device
  3. Place the printer on a grounded anti-static mat
  4. Remove the media and ribbon
  5. To remove the front panel press on the detent button while sliding the panel off the hooks and out of the base
  6. Holdl the cutter assembly and then route the cutter cable through the axis hole
  7. Set the cutter onto the hooks then lift and slide on
  8. Connect the cutter cable to the 10 pin option connector
  9. Install a cable tie through the printer tie point and around the cutter cable
  10. Install the mounting screw onto the platen assembly 
  11. Place the catch tray in the mounting slot of the cutter cover
  12. Re-install the media and ribbon
  13. Re-connect the power cord and data cables
  14. Turn on the printer & set the printer to cutter mode
  15. Press home on the display, press OK
  16. Press the right arrow 6 times to get to print mode
  17. Press the up arrow 5 times to go from tear off to cutter mode
  18. Press home twice
  19. Press feed to print a label

Source: “Zebra ZT400 Series: How-to Install the Cutter” Zebra,

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