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How do I load labels in the cab XC6/4 printer?

Instructions on how to load labels in the cab XC6/4 printer

Positioning the Label Roll on the Roll Retainer

  1. Turn knob (5) clockwise to release the roll retainer (4). 
  2. Remove the margin stop (6) form the roll retainer.
  3. Load label roll (2) on the roll retainer (4) in such a way, that the labels are visible from above after unrolling.
  4. Slide the roll against the wall plate (1). 
  5. Guide the latches (7) of the margin stop (6) into the grooves (3) of the roll retainer (4) and push the roll retainer against the label roll (2).
  6. Turn knob (5) counterclockwise to tighten the label roll and the margin stop on the roll retainer. 
  1. Unroll a label strip of approx. 1 m. Guide the label strip to the print mechanics as shown in figure 10. The broken line shows the path for inside wound labels. Alternatively: Feed the fanfold labels to the print units according the chain line.
  2. Turn levers (1,4) counterclockwise to lift both printheads.
  3. Loosen the threaded pin (5) and slide the guide ring (6) to the outermost position.
  4. Guide media strip through the print mechanics as shown in figure 9 to the upper print roller (2).
  5. Slide the guide ring (6) against the edge of the label strip (3) and tighten the threaded pin (5).
  6. Fix the media by closing the lower printhead.
  7. Tighten the label strip between the printheads and close the upper printhead.

Source: “Label Printers XC Series.”

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