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How do I load the transfer ribbon in the cab XC6/4?

Instructions on how to install a transfer ribbon in the cab XC6/4 printer

  1. Clean printhead before loading the transfer ribbon.
  2. Turn lever (1) counterclockwise to open the printhead.
  3. Slide transfer ribbon roll (4) onto the ribbon supply hub (5) until it stops and so that the color coating of the ribbon faces away from the printhead after loading.
  4. Hold ribbon supply hub (5) firmly and turn knob (6) counterclockwise until the transfer ribbon roll is secured.
  5. Slide suitable ribbon core (2) onto the transfer ribbon take-up hub (3) and secure it in the same way.
  6. Guide transfer ribbon through the print unit as shown in figure 14. The broken line shows the path for ribbon with inkside out.
  7. Secure starting end of transfer ribbon to the transfer ribbon core (2) with adhesive tape. Ensure counterclockwise rotation direction of the transfer ribbon take-up hub here.
  8. Turn transfer ribbon take-up hub (3) counterclockwise to smooth out the feed path of the transfer ribbon. 
  9. Turn lever (1) clockwise to close the printhead.

Source: “Label Printers XC Series.” Cab,

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