So, you’ve made the decision to print your barcode labels on-demand; now you’re probably looking for a printer – or maybe you’re just looking to update your current system.

No matter your situation, choosing the right match for your facility is going to be critical. As a provider of complete barcoding solutions, it’s not uncommon for our customers to ask us “what is the best barcode label printer?”

Our answer is going to depend greatly on the specific needs and work environment of the individual customer. However, there are six printers we frequently recommend.

Here we list (in no particular order) our top six picks for the best barcode printers of 2022. This list includes a range of printers suitable for a broad array of applications so you can find a good fit no matter your needs.

1. cab SQUIX

The cab SQUIX barcode label printer combines innovation, ease of use, accuracy, reliability, quality and speed into one label printer. This is an industrial printer which uses thermal transfer print technology to provide crisp, black and white results.

A great feature on this printer is the interactive screen – similar to an iPhone – that provides video instructions for how to stock your printer, clean your print head, and print labels.

Another benefit of this cab printer is the adapter which allows you to add a cutter or a peel and present option, both of which can offer time savings for your company.

2. Zebra ZT Series

The Zebra ZT Label Printers are great printers if your operations require labels to be printed day and night. This series of printers is designed to accommodate high-demand situations – promoting flexibility, integration, ease of use, and simple management.

With a compact design (for an industrial printer) you are able to obtain high resolution labels up to 6” wide, at speeds of up to 6” per second. The series accommodates printing of both linear and 2D barcodes. Illuminated media and ribbon paths enable easy internal inspection.

3. cab Hermes Q

The cab Hermes is an industrial printer applicator which can be upgraded to include a label applicator. Paired with trusted cab print technology, the applicator offers precision placement and increased efficiencies. This printer greatly increases productivity and efficiency in the plant as it is very fast and versatile.

4. cab Mach 4

The cab Mach 4 offers highest-class print quality and up to 8 inches per second in print speed. With this thermal transfer printer, you can achieve up to 600 dpi print resolution, versatility, and dependable performance.

5. Zebra ZD Series

As an upgrade to its fan favorite predecessor the GX series, Zebra’s ZD Series label printers bring the same high quality and efficient thermal transfer printing abilities as the GX series with a longer list of options.

Just like the GX, the ZD series features a compact clamshell design. Optional cutting and peeling options are also available to better accommodate your processes.

Unlike the GX there are multiple interface options, one including a color screen for at a glance status recognition. Additionally, these printers offer improved speeds and an optional healthcare model capable of withstanding harsh sanitization processes.

6. Sato CL4NX

The Sato CL4NX is capable of printing RFID labels – making it a great fit for applications where extra security, increased data storage or improved automation compatibility are necessary (or at the very least, useful.)

Three different dpi options are available to ensure crisp imagery for various label sizes – from the very smallest cryo-vial labels to those used in postage or warehouse applications.

The Sato CL4NX is very durable and offers great print quality. Additionally, the printer will confirm that it is able to write to the tag or barcode before printing, should there be an issue it will display an error message on the screen.

We hope this list helped you narrow down your options so you can be more confident in choosing the right printer for you and your business.


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