When it comes to in vivo research in drug development, meticulous planning, care for animal models, and the management of multiple studies simultaneously create a complex web of challenges for scientists. From following treatment schedules, breeding for specific traits, and daily care routines, the journey through an animal study is a carefully orchestrated symphony of precision.

As each phase of the study is reached, whether it be the conclusion of treatments to the completion of a designated period, a new set of challenges emerges, particularly in the collection, tracking, and storage of vital organ samples. This is where Computype steps in, offering an innovative solution to streamline the post-study phase with our color-coded, pre-labeled labware.

Identifying and Storing Samples Effectively

When the study reaches the point of euthanasia, the focus shifts to the collection and analysis of vital organs. Many labs store these organs in a cryo tube and label each one with a sharpie. This method of identifying samples present a new set of challenges—lots of tubes, numerous items to track, and the risk of misidentification that could jeopardize the entire study. Sharpie markings can fade or become illegible over time, especially in the harsh conditions of a -80 degree Celsius freezer . The extreme cold of ultra-low freezers can compromise the durability and readability of print-on-demand labels, leading to information loss and potential misidentification. Misidentification of a sample means lost research, wasted resources, and compromised data integrity.

Enter Computype, the leader in sample identification and tracking. We understand the challenges you face in maintaining an organized chain of custody for your invaluable samples. By partnering with Computype, our experts will handle the meticulous prep work of managing and labeling your labware through our Labware Prep™ Service. Your labware arrives ready for immediate use, procured, custom-marked, color-coded and packaged to your specification.

Improve Chain of Custody

By pre-labeling collection tubes and labware with Computype, you can better manage your tubes reducing the number of lost or mislabeled samples. One customer reported losing up to 60% of hand-marked tubes and eliminated this waste using Computype’s pre-labeled labware.

Pre-labeled tubes eliminate the need for manual labeling, reducing the risk of human error and ensuring that vital information stays with the sample throughout its journey.

Legible Labels in Extreme Conditions

In the realm of in vivo research, cryogenic temperatures are commonplace. Our pre-labeled labware is engineered to withstand the harsh conditions of ultra-low freezers. No more worries about labels falling off or becoming illegible. Your samples remain identifiable and ready for analysis whenever you need them.

Customizable Color Coding, Sequencing, and Packaging

Our pre-labeled labware isn’t one-size-fits-all. Provide Computype with your data fields, sequence ranges, color-coding preferences, and ideal packaging, and we’ll tailor our solution to fit seamlessly into your workflow. Enhance trial organization with labware that aligns with your custom schedules and collection methods. Whether you prefer racks organized by animal ID, grouped by organ type, or sorted by cage number, Computype tailors packaging to your specific requirements, providing a seamless integration into your workflow and facilitating efficient data retrieval during analysis.

This solution also provides a tangible boost to your audit trail, elevating the overall data quality and integrity of your analytical processes. Our pre-barcoded vials offer a standardized system that can aid degradation analysis while simplifying the tracking and documentation of every step in the process. In a field where accuracy and compliance are non-negotiables, Computype’s commitment to providing solutions extends beyond convenience – it’s about fortifying the foundation of your scientific endeavors. Trust us to not only identify but illuminate the path to clearer, more reliable results.

Get Started Now

Let Computype handle the logistics. You focus on your research. Provide us with your requirements, and we’ll prepare labware that accelerates your takedowns and dissections, saving you time and effort. Trust Computype to simplify your sample tracking, safeguard your research, and ensure that no valuable data is lost in the pursuit of scientific discovery.


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