Labware: OEMs and Distributors.

Inventory, meet innovative. Computype supports manufacturers who are striving to uphold high quality for their customers. Rely on our identification and tracking solutions to lead the way to success.

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Customary, meet custom-made. Add value to your standard pre-marked labware lineup with print-to-spec capabilities. We’re experts at custom sequencing and providing solutions for hard-to-print configurations. Does high demand have your lead times stretched? Leverage us for expanded capacity when demand peaks.


Specific needs, meet custom solutions. A partnership with Computype means that you’ll have the expertise and sales support needed to expand your pre-marked labware product offering by adding hard-to-print configurations and custom sequencing. We help you grow your revenue, add new customers, and retain more current customer business via sell sheets, samples, web page content, and sales training. You can also count on sales and technical support during the sales cycle to help negotiate any technical challenges.

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