In June of 2022 Computype employee Chris Lo was called to active duty as a Guardsman. Last month when Chris returned home, Computype welcomed him back to work.

It can be difficult to return to civilian life after active duty for a variety of reasons, securing a job being one of them. Being able to return to a familiar workplace made the shift a lot easier for Chris, who decided to nominate his supervisor, Luke Van Zandt for a Patriot award. Luke, who is also former military, was understanding and supportive of Chris’s service and return to work.

Luke’s support was acknowledged and he was presented the award by a representative from the Employer Support of Guard and Reserve (ESGR).

Since 1972 ESGR has been fulfilling their mission of promoting cooperation and understanding between military service members of the guard and reserve and their civilian employers as well as aiding in the resolution of conflicts related to employee military commitments.

We are honored to be able to congratulate Luke on receiving his Patriot award and want to thank both Chris and Luke for their service to our country.


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