Sample preparation, a labor intensive and time-consuming process, can be a bottleneck in achieving accurate results in chromatography experiments. Whether your lab is conducting gas chromatography (GC), high-performance liquid chromatography (HPLC) or another chromatography method, the process of accurately labeling your autosampler vials, from 2 mL vials up to larger headspace vials, is a crucial factor that can make or break the success of your experiments.

Enter Computype, a leader in identification and tracking of laboratory samples, offering a more efficient alternative to hand labeling or handwriting samples that streamlines your process, improves your audit trail, data integrity, and enhances efficiency.

Crucial Role of an Unique Identifier in Chromatography

The first step toward enhancing sample identification begins with adding a unique identifier to each vial. By implementing a barcode as the unique identifier, laboratories can confidently trace the entire lifecycle of a sample, from its creation to analysis and storage. This digital fingerprint facilitates seamless tracking within a laboratory, standardizes data exchange, and fosters collaboration across systems and institutions. New to barcoding? Learn more here.

Challenges of Manual Labeling

Adding a barcoded label to your chromatography vial ensures a reliable and traceable identifier. However, achieving the optimal positioning of labels on your vials demands a high level of precision. In a field where accuracy is vital, the meticulous task of aligning labels becomes critical. The label must not only be placed in the correct position but also without the introduction of any wrinkles. This precision is not merely an aesthetic concern, but it is directly linked to the effectiveness of barcode scanning during subsequent analyses.

The alignment of labels is especially crucial for instruments equipped with built-in scanners designed to read barcodes. A misaligned or wrinkled label can hinder the scanner’s ability to accurately capture the barcode data, introducing the potential for errors in sample identification. This precision requirement adds an extra layer of complexity to the manual labeling process, demanding careful attention and a steady hand from laboratory personnel.

Another challenge of manual labeling is preventing barcode duplicates, especially when multiple individuals across different labs are involved in the printing process. Coordinating and managing sequences manually can lead to errors, potentially causing duplicate barcodes. This scenario not only compromises data integrity but also hinders the smooth functioning of laboratory operations.

Time-Consuming Practices

The manual process of printing and hand-applying labels is inherently time-consuming. In a laboratory environment where efficiency is key, every minute spent on routine tasks like labeling contributes to the overall pace of operations. The time invested in the manual application of labels can accumulate, potentially slowing down the throughput of laboratory workflows.

The time spent on printing, peeling, and precisely applying labels manually is time that could be redirected towards more intellectually demanding and scientifically significant tasks. Laboratories recognize the need to strike a balance between maintaining precision in their processes and ensuring the swift progression of their workflows to meet the demands of modern analytical practices.

Enhance Your Workflow

To address these challenges and increase efficiency in your testing environments, labs can consider the following solutions: automated labeling with the Axon 2 or outsourcing label application such as Labware Prep™ Services by Computype.

Axon 2 Applicator by CAB

The Axon 2 applicator by CAB eliminates the need for manual label application, ushering in a new era of precision and accuracy. Configurable to meet the specific requirements of chromatography vials, this automated applicator ensures consistent label placement, leaving no room for misalignments or wrinkles.

Efficiency is the foundation of any laboratory, and the Axon 2 speeds up workflows by automating the time-consuming task of printing and applying labels. This shift allows laboratory personnel to redirect their focus to more critical tasks, increasing sample throughput and overall workflow efficiency.

The Axon 2 is a smart investment for chromatography laboratories aiming to modernize their processes. Its intelligent design seamlessly integrates into existing setups, offering adaptability without disruption.

Outsourcing Label Application with Labware Prep™ Services

Computype’s Labware Prep™ Services offer an alternative solution, allowing laboratories to outsource the printing and application of labels directly to the glass, streamlining the process further. Your labware arrives ready for immediate use, procured, custom-marked, prepared and packages to your specification. With this service, you can experience significant time, budget, staffing, and inventory savings.

Our Labware Prep™ Services go beyond mere pre-barcoding; they eliminate the in-house prep work needed before testing and analysis, streamlining laboratory workflows and mitigating the risks of mislabeled or lost samples. Your specific needs, combined with our barcode sequence management service, global account management, and strict quality standards ensure that you’ll be spending more time on scientific activities, and less time worrying about labware and labeling.

Computype’s Labware Prep Services and Pre-Barcoded Chromatography Kits are a transformative solution for chromatography testing, offering a strategic advantage by combining efficiency, precision, and compatibility with automation. Laboratories leveraging these services experience not only enhanced operational efficiency but also the assurance of accurate and reliable results in their chromatography testing.

Streamlined Workflow – From Sample Prep to LIMS

Integrating Computype’s Pre-Barcoded Chromatography Kits into your lab workflow or automated prep systems is seamless. Simply add a USB scanner to your equipment, and experience a continuous workflow from sample preparation to data management:

  1. Identify Samples in LIMS: Easily integrate barcoded data into your Laboratory Information Management System (LIMS) for streamlined data management.
  2. Scan into Sequence Table: Use the USB scanner to scan vials into the sequence table, enhancing traceability and organization.
  3. Load into Autosampler Rack: Place your pre-barcoded chromatography vials into the autosampler rack without the hassle of manual labeling.
  4. Sample Prep with Confidence: Run your experiments with confidence, knowing that your samples are correctly located and identified.

Ready to find out how Computype can solve your chromatography labeling challenges?

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