Within the ever-evolving landscape of biopharmaceutical breakthroughs, the critical challenge of meeting tight deadlines for global clinical trials underscores the industry’s commitment to transformative advancements. One large pharmaceutical organization found itself facing a time constraint when it urgently needed specific 2 mL tubes for an impending clinical trial. However, the timely intervention of Computype not only solved their supply chain issue, but also paved the way for a successful clinical trial.

Challenges Faced by the Biopharmaceutical Organization

The biopharmaceutical organization encountered several challenges in securing the necessary labware for their critical clinical trial. These challenges included:

Short Deadline: With a global clinical trial on the horizon, the organization had a pressing need for 2 mL matrix tubes within a short timeframe. The tubes needed to be clearly marked and imaged with unique customer information and a custom logo.

Supply Chain Concerns: The pharmaceutical industry was facing supply chain disruptions. Ensuring a stable and reliable supply of labware was crucial for the success of the clinical trial.

Automation Requirements: The organization required pre-marked and barcoded labware for automation processes, adding an extra layer of complexity to their procurement needs.

From Supply Chain Hurdles to Success

Computype stepped in to address these challenges head-on, leveraging our barcoding expertise and existing supplier relationships to provide tailored solutions for the biopharmaceutical organization. With our expanded supply chain network, we were able to source the required 2 mL tubes efficiently, bypassing potential supply chain obstacles that others might have faced.

Recognizing the need for pre-marked labware for automation, the organization partnered with Computype to procure labware along with custom marking and barcoding. The result was the procurement of labware featuring a 2D bar code, customer information, and a custom logo—tailored to the organization’s unique specifications. Computype marked an impressive 85,000 barcoded tubes, demonstrating a commitment to meeting and exceeding the organization’s precise requirements.

Our facility in Minnesota played a pivotal role in achieving a swift turnaround. The pre-marked tubes were promptly shipped from our facility to the organization’s location on the East Coast, ensuring they were ready for distribution to support the global clinical trial. This streamlined approach demonstrates Computype’s dedication to efficiency, meeting deadlines, and contributing to the success of its partners.

Partner for Excellence in Lab Automation

This biopharma success story highlights the transformative impact of barcoding solutions in overcoming the challenges faced by organizations in the lab environment. As technology continues to play a crucial role in streamlining processes, Computype stands out as a reliable partner in providing customized, efficient, and timely solutions.

If your organization is navigating similar challenges or seeking innovative solutions for lab automation, consider partnering with Computype. Our proven track record in delivering barcoding solutions can make a significant difference in meeting your specific needs. Contact us today to explore how Computype can contribute to the success of your projects and trials.


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