One of the challenges faced by a central lab is the seamless handling of patient samples coming from multiple clinical sites. The diversity in collection vials and labels across different clinics can create bottlenecks in lab workflows, hindering the efficiency of sample processing. However, with the innovative solutions provided by Computype, these challenges have been successfully addressed for one laboratory, modernizing the efficiency of central accessioning in its reference lab.

Challenges in Sample Accessioning at Reference Labs

Imagine a scenario where a central lab receives patient samples from clinics scattered across the nation. Each clinic has a unique collection vial, and sometimes, even the labels on these vials vary from one clinic site to another. This diversity poses a considerable challenge in streamlining the workflow at the central lab. The need for a standardized and pre-marked vial becomes evident to enhance efficiency in processing these samples.

Recognizing the challenges faced by this lab, Computype stepped in to provide an effective solution. The collaboration involved the development of a consistent, pre-barcoded vial that could be universally utilized by clinics nationwide. This standardized vial eliminated the variations arising from different clinics and streamlined the reception process at the central lab. Now, when the lab received these samples, they seamlessly integrated into their workflow, making the entire process more efficient.

National Distribution of Pre-Marked Vials

The success story doesn’t end there. Our solutions extended beyond just providing standardized vials. These vials, pre-marked and ready for use, were efficiently shipped nationwide to various clinical locations. The reliability and consistency of these vials were maintained throughout the distribution process, ensuring that each clinic received the necessary supplies in optimal condition.

Enhanced Processing with Sample Aliquoting

In addition to standardized vials, we introduced an innovative element – a scan & print station. This station allowed labs to print child sample labels seamlessly, facilitating the sample aliquoting process. The ability to track and identify patient samples from different locations became a breeze. As a result, the lab could efficiently process samples and perform necessary aliquoting tasks with accuracy and speed.

The scan & print station, combined with pre-barcoded vials, enabled easy identification and tracking of patient samples across the nation. This feature proved crucial, especially when samples needed to travel back to the central lab for further processing. The efficiency gained in sample tracking at a nationwide level translated into significant time and resource savings for the lab.

Improve Your Labs Efficiency

The challenges of sample accessioning have been met head-on by Computype’s innovative solutions. Laboratories no longer need to deal with the inefficiencies caused by diverse collection vials and labels. Our commitment to standardization, efficiency, and accuracy has paved the way for a streamlined workflow that benefits labs and patients alike.

Are you ready to transform your lab’s efficiency? Reach out to us today to explore how our solutions can transform your lab operations. Embrace a future where efficiency and accuracy go hand in hand, ensuring optimal outcomes for both your laboratory and the patients you serve.


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