The ZD series of printers has been around for a couple of years now and Zebra has decided it’s time for an upgrade. To keep you in the loop, this blog post will cover which models are being upgraded, what changes are being made and what this means for owners of pre-update models. Let’s get into it!

Which ZD series models are getting an upgrade?

Two new models are being released to replace the existing ZD420 and ZD620 models. The ZD421 is being introduced as an upgraded replacement to the ZD420, and the ZD621 as an update to the ZD620.

What changes are being made?

The most significant differences between the older “20” and newer “21” models are the new media guide and handling options for improved media flexibility.

This change will impact our both our printers, and label replicators for labs and blood banks. We have already begun offering the ZD421 and 621 in place of the ZD420 and 620 printers.

For our replicators, we have historically used Zebra’s GX430 model as a base, which will also soon be discontinued. The replicators will instead feature the ZD421 as their base, improving print speeds and media compatibility.

In addition to improvements to the media handling, RFID encoding has been added to the list of optional features for the ZD621 printer, but not the 421.

What to know if you own a ZD420 or ZD620 printer?

If you currently own a ZD420 or ZD620 printer this update should be no cause for alarm. Considering how recently the ZD series was released, you certainly have a lot of life left in your ZD420 or 620 printer. Parts will still be available, and you most likely have plenty of time left on any extended warranties.

There is no need to feel any rush to replace your printer. However, if you’re looking for a secondary printer to run alongside your 420 or 620, or are already considering an upgrade, the ZD421 is comparable to the ZD420 and the ZD621 to the ZD620.


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