Zebra’s GX printer series is enormously popular, and continues to be one of our top sellers. Its compact size, simplicity and versatility make it useful for a broad range of applications. So why would Zebra discontinue one of their most popular printers?

The simple answer is that it’s time for an upgrade. Zebra recently developed and released the ZD series with the intent of replacing the GX series. Though the official discontinuation date is yet to be determined, we want to keep our customers in the know.

For starters, we want to mention that Zebra is not discontinuing the GX series any time soon—while it was initially intended to be discontinued this year, continued support has extended it’s availability.

However, if you currently rely on a GX series printer, or are interested in purchasing one in the near future here’s what you need to know:

You can still receive service on your GX-Series printer from Zebra, even after it’s discontinued

We can’t yet give an exact date, but we do know that the GX series printer will likely be available for purchase through 2021, and possibly 2022. We can also tell you that Zebra plans on providing support services for their GX series printers for 18 months after the discontinuation date.

Because of this, it’s a good idea to keep a close eye on the overall health of your GX printer. If you run into any issues you can’t resolve on your own it may be worth looking into getting it serviced by Zebra to ensure it’s in tip-top shape before service is unavailable, especially if it’s still under warrantee.

Depending on where you purchased your printer you might also have a service plan from your print solutions provider that extends your service availability window.

Be sure to check any documents you received with your printer or check with your supplier to see if you might be able to receive service on your printer after Zebra ends service to the GX series.

If you purchased your GX Series printer from Computype, you can still receive service from us after it is discontinued

As we mentioned in the previous section, your print solutions provider may offer extended service on your GX Series printer. We are happy to say we offer this benefit to our customers.

As part of our service contract we offer service and support to any printer purchased through us indefinitely. That means as long as you own your Zebra GX printer, we will provide service and support, and when you find yourself ready to move on to a new solution, we can help you find one that suits your needs.

What if you need spare parts?

Eventually, spare parts will run out. When the manufacturing of a printer comes to an end so does the manufacturing of any spare parts.

Resellers and printer solution providers will typically have access to spare parts after manufacturing ends, however they too will run out over time. This can make repairs difficult down the road when spare parts are hard to find or no longer available.

Taking cautionary measures that ensure the wellness of your printer and its parts can reduce the likelihood your printer will require new parts, and should always be made a priority.

What’s the next step?

If your GX printer is still in good shape we recommend you keep using it as long as you can, just make sure to keep up with regular cleaning and maintenance.

Thoroughly and properly cleaning the printhead and driver roller once a week could help your printer last many years after spare parts are no longer available.

If you’re experiencing issues with your GX printer that require service, it would be a good idea to look into getting support before it is discontinued to ensure service is still available and spare parts are still being manufactured.

Lastly, if you’re ready for an upgrade, no matter the status of your GX printer, check out the Zebra ZD series. The ZD series offers a similar compact design, simplicity and versatility, with a variety of upgraded features.

There are three models within the series, aligning with the amount of features they offer—ranging from the minimalistic ZD220, to the still simple yet more capable ZD620. Additionally the ZD 420 and 620 models come in a healthcare model that can withstand harsh sanitization processes.

As a partner of Zebra, we support their decisions. By discontinuing the GX series they (and we!) can provide you with a more technologically up to date solution that’s equally as user and application friendly—the ZD Series.

The GX is a fan favorite for many reasons, one being it’s trustworthiness. With proper maintenance and care, your GX series printer should live a long life. When you’re ready for an upgrade, the ZD series is already available and offers many of the same features.

Our goal right now is to keep our customers who might be impacted by this future change updated. We want those customers to feel like when the GX series is officially discontinued they know what to do and where they can go for help.

If you have any questions about your current Zebra print solution purchased through Computype, or have questions about upgrading to the ZD don’t be afraid to reach out!


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