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There are dozens of companies worldwide providing thermal transfer label printers, with a dizzying array of models, speeds, features, and prices. Computype has developed expertise in thermal transfer printing over the past 40 years or so and guides our customers to the best choice for them, typically from one of our trusted partners such as CAB, Sato, and Zebra. Because there are only a few providers of thermal transfer printheads—the component that produces the printed image—differences among printer providers arise from characteristics such as device durability, connectivity, and product support. Here’s an overview of the printers we know inside and out.


Squix series.  The Squix series of printers are table- or bench-top models designed for a wide variety of uses, including the printing of very small labels, printing on continuous materials, peel-off option, external rewind, as well as print-and-apply accessories

EOS series.  Features such as color touch monitor, fast print speeds, and multiple interface ports make the EOS series printers versatile, even accommodating large rolls of label stock. No print-and-apply accessories available in the EOS series.

Mach 4S series.  These top-loaded tabletop printers offer a centered material guide, and options for tear-off, peel-off, and cutter applications.


ZD series.  These desk-top printers from Zebra are workhorses in a variety of end-use environments.  Easy-to-use clamshell design results in a small footprint for applications where space is at a premium.  Multiple connectivity options include serial, parallel, USB, Ethernet, and wireless 802.11 or Bluetooth allow operation on nearly any network.

ZT series.  Zebra’s line of table-top printers offers industrial-strength, reliable devices available in a wide range of models and features.  Print densities include 203, 300, and 600 dots per inch (dpi), to meet a variety of image needs.


RFID printers. Although Sato makes printers that overlap capabilities of other printers that Computype sells and services, their RFID printer line is our primary focus. Offering both desk-top and table-top models that print and encode RFID tags in both the HF and UHF ranges, these printer models feature a variety of options to fit most application needs.

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