Integrated tube & vial label application to improve laboratory workflows

The Axon 1 tube and vial labeler is one of the most versatile tube labelers available. The unique design, small footprint, vertical application, and enhancement opportunities with the Axon 1 allow it to fit in seamlessly at any point within your workflow. The Axon 1 has a unique ability to grow along with your business, providing a simple and reliable base unit that can be upgraded as needed.

cab Axon 1 automated tube and vial labeling system

  • Vertical tube orientation allows can accommodate more container options including conical tubes and hinge caps
  • Integrate into an automated workflow or operate manually as a standalone unit
  • Focus on scientific activities without being stalled by prep work
  • Reduce downtime and rework caused by manual labeling errors
Cab Axon 1

Efficient labeling solutions to streamline prep work

Applying labels automatically can look very different from lab to lab. Some applicators still require an operator to place the tube, while others are bulk-fed may not require any operator involvement for hours at a time. Some may be better suited for robotic handling and conveyor systems, while some can fit comfortably on a benchtop. Determining how you can achieve the most value with automation requires auditing your current needs and future goals with an automation specialist.


Greatly increase throughput volumes with fast and steady label application


Smooth, even, and accurate label placement to improve consistency


Ensure successful barcode scans throughout your workflow

cab Axon 1 tube and vial labeler demo video

cab Axon 1 key features

The Axon 1 is economical, accurate, and easy to use. It can function as a simple, standalone tabletop unit, or it can be used to support a larger automated workflow. In contrast with the Axon 2, the Axon 1 applies labels to tubes oriented vertically. This simple variance can make a world of difference in your overall labeling strategy so it’s important that you discuss your needs with your labeling partner to determine the best solution for you.

  • Vertical orientation can handle both filled and capped tubes, including hinge caps
  • Integrate with additional automation including robotic handling an scan verification
  • Compact sizing makes the Axon 1 an ideal choice for tight spaces
  • Fast and easy change-overs for different tube and vial sizes
  • The Axon’s print and apply automation is best for moderate throughput volumes
  • Versatile design supports standalone operation as well as integration
cab Axon 1 Specifics
Print Technology Thermal transfer
Print Resolution 300 or 600 dpi
Print Speed 100 mm/s
Tube/Vial Diameter 7-26 mm
Tube/Vial Length 20-50 mm or 32-130 mm
Label Width 5-25.4 mm or 5-56 mm
Label Height > 12 mm
print and apply automation
versatile, accessible design

Laboratory Resource Management

Tracking high-value samples across multiple systems and locations can be a challenge in any laboratory. Without proper infrastructures in place this can lead to higher costs and lower visibility. Computype’s Digital Traceability Platform helps track critical assets digitally and physically – monitoring storage, usage, and more.

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