Scalable, integrated label automation for tubes and vials

Unlock a new era of efficiency and precision in your lab operations with the automated Axon 1 tube and vial label applicator, brought to you through our partnership with cab Technologies. This state-of-the-art labeling solution is meticulously crafted to meet the unique demands of laboratories, providing a seamless identification and tracking experience. The Axon 1 has a unique ability to grow along with your business, providing a versatile, scalable base unit to launch your automation strategy.

Automated tube and vial labeling system designed for integration

Flexible Integration: Choose how you want to use the Axon 1 – as a standalone solution for immediate impact or seamlessly integrated into a comprehensive automation workflow for enhanced efficiency.

Optimized for Robotic Precision: Engineered for robotic workflows, the Axon 1’s vertical tube orientation is ideally suited for robotic pick-and-place sample handling. 

Multi-Tube Compatibility: The Axon 1 seamlessly labels various tube types, including conical tubes and hinge-cap tubes, providing unmatched versatility for diverse lab applications.

Cab Axon 1

Greatly increase throughput volumes with fast and steady label application


Smooth, even, and accurate label placement to improve consistency


Ensure successful barcode scans throughout your workflow

Why choose the Axon 1 for your lab?

The Axon 1 is economical, accurate, and easy to use. It can function as a simple, standalone tabletop unit, or it can be used to support a larger automated workflow. In contrast with the Axon 2, the Axon 1 applies labels to tubes oriented vertically. This simple variance can make a world of difference in your overall labeling strategy so it’s important that you discuss your needs with your labeling partner to determine the best solution for you.

  • Vertical orientation can handle both filled and capped tubes, including hinge caps
  • Integrate with additional automation including robotic handling an scan verification
  • Compact sizing makes the Axon 1 an ideal choice for tight spaces
  • Fast and easy change-overs for different tube and vial sizes
  • The Axon’s print and apply automation is best for moderate throughput volumes
  • Versatile design supports standalone operation as well as integration
cab Axon 1 Specifics
Print Technology Thermal transfer
Print Resolution 300 or 600 dpi
Print Speed 100 mm/s
Tube/Vial Diameter 7-26 mm
Tube/Vial Length 20-50 mm or 32-130 mm
Label Width 5-25.4 mm or 5-56 mm
Label Height > 12 mm

Robotic sample handling for advanced lab automation

For those seeking advanced automation solutions tailored to their specific needs, the Axon 1 stands out as an exemplary choice. Designed to seamlessly integrate into existing automated workflows.

With robotic pick-and-place arms, the Axon 1 enables a high degree of collaboration between human operators and automated systems, effectively reducing reliance on manual intervention.

This collaborative dynamic not only enhances efficiency but also ensures precision and consistency in every step of the process. By leveraging the Axon 1 labs can increase throughput and maintain stringent quality standards without sacrificing flexibility or scalability.

Enhance automation in your lab with LabTrack™

Elevate the efficiency and precision of your lab with LabTrack™, our specialized asset and inventory tracking software. LabTrack™ is tailored to the unique needs of research and pathology labs, offering complete visibility and end-to-end traceability for samples, specimens, reagents, and more. With LabTrack™, your lab can streamline processes, reduce errors, and uphold the highest standards of care and safety.

  • Complete Visibility: Provide comprehensive visibility into your specimen inventory.
  • End-to-End Traceability: Ensure traceability from the moment of collection to diagnosis, maintaining a secure and verifiable chain of custody.
  • Safe Tissue Storage: Ensure proper storage and handling of your biological specimens.
  • Locating Samples: Streamline the process of locating stored samples and reagents.

Ready to streamline your lab operations with precision labeling?

Step up your lab’s productivity with the Axon 1 by cab.

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