Less than two years after introducing the Axon 2 cab has launched their latest innovation in tube labeling technology: the Axon 1 automatic tube and vial label printer/applicator.

While the Axon 2 focused on providing an affordable, entry-level solution to basic automation—the Axon 1 is designed to integrate seamlessly with even the most complex automated workflows.

This unit brings many exciting opportunities for laboratories and research facilities across the entire scientific community. Let’s jump into the review so you can learn more about the features, applications, and cost of the Axon 1.

Coming off of a successful launch with the Axon 2, we were extremely excited to see what new innovations the Axon 1 would bring, and as usual, we were not disappointed. This unassuming, compact base unit, though designed very simply, packs a real punch.

Keeping pace with the affordability and ease of use introduced by the Axon 2, the Axon 1 takes everything a step further – allowing you to customize and enhance only as much as you need.

Cab Axon 1

cab Axon 1 specs and features

While you can expect the same level of quality, accuracy, and reliability with the Axon 1 as with other cab products, the Axon 1 has many unique features to help take your labeling strategy to the next level. Printing and labeling take less than 2 seconds, using the same printing power as the SQUIX.

Vertical application

The most noticeable difference with the Axon 1 is that it labels tubes vertically, both capped or uncapped. This means that you can label tubes at any point in your process, even if the tube is full.

Additionally, you can label a wider variety of tubes—such as those with hinge caps. Typically, even with the Axon 2, these tubes would cause problems with the rollers, however, the Axon 1 can handle them easily.

Design and operation

This unit requires extremely little real estate on a laboratory benchtop and is extraordinarily easy to use. The flat-top design makes loading material very simple, and the unit can store label formats for standalone operation.

You can control the placement of the label with the height adjuster, and the sturdy metal cover makes this an ideal fit for harsh, industrial environments. Unlike most tube labelers, the Axon 1 does not require an air compressor—which, coupled with the compact size, means it can fit almost anywhere.

Customization and control

The many different accessories available for the Axon 1 allow you to gain visibility over your process and maintain data integrity. By adding a verification scanner or even robotic handling you can enhance this unit and upgrade it to any level.

By starting with the base unit and upgrading as needed, this unit has a unique ability to grow along with your business.

Applications and limitations

The Axon 1 is one of the most versatile tube labelers available. Truly, it would be a great fit for any laboratory environment looking to implement an automation solution. The main limitations are tube size and volume.

The tube size restrictions for the Axon 1 are fairly typical, however, if you need to label larger cylindrical objects the Hermes Q would be a better fit. Additionally, we would consider the Axon 1 best suited for moderate to low volume levels, if you need a 24/7 nonstop solution please discuss your requirements with your label pro.

That being said, if you are labeling small to medium-sized tubes with mild throughput levels and you are looking for an affordable, customizable, automated labeling solution you should take a moment to consider the Axon 1.

How much does the cab Axon 1 cost?

Short answer: less than $10,000 for the base unit.

Given the possibilities it presents, this is an incredibly budget-friendly offering from cab. Our price will include the metal cover (which is not a standard offering from cab), as well as technical support by phone and email.

Of course, any additional features you choose will add an additional cost as well. If you are interested in any upgrades talk to your label pro to determine whether they can add value to your process.

Choosing to implement an automation solution is a significant decision for any lab, however, for many labs the right system can cut costs in addition to improving accuracy and efficiency. If you are currently labeling your tubes and vials by hand, try calculating how much that manual approach is currently costing you in terms of labor and consumables, as well as errors and waste.

Finally, make sure you are aware of all of your options before choosing the right labeling strategy for you.

Our final thoughts on the cab Axon 1

The Axon 1 is economical, accurate, and easy to use. It can function as a simple, standalone tabletop unit, or it can be used to support a larger automated workflow.

The vertical application is incredibly unique at this price point and it requires very little real estate. While the Axon units may not have the power of some of cab’s more robust systems, like the Hermes Q, both the Axon 1 and 2 have made it much simpler for labs to begin working with label automation.



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