Efficient, precision label automation for laboratory well plates.

The Eclipse applicator series has three microplate labelers to accommodate varied needs and ensure that your investment aligns with what’s most valuable to your facility. Microplate label automation can improve efficiencies and reduce rework as well as provide significant improvements in accuracy, consistency, and reliability.

Eclipse series automated microplate labelers

  • Increased throughput volumes with faster labeling speeds and decreased downtime
  • Automatic scan verification ensures labels are readable and accurate prior to application
  • Achieve precision label placement to preserve functionality and successful scans downstream
  • Free your staff to focus on scientific activities without being stalled by prep work
Cab Axon 1

Efficient labeling solutions to streamline prep work

Keep labeling controls in-house whilst still improving efficiencies, placement accuracy, and overall productivity with microplate label application automation systems. Determining how you can achieve the most value with automation requires auditing your current needs and future goals with an automation specialist. Depending on volume, ROI can be met extremely fast, and errors related to identification are virtually eliminated.


Greatly increase throughput volumes with fast and steady label application


Smooth, even, and accurate label placement to improve consistency


Ensure successful barcode scans throughout your workflow

Eclipse series key features

With the Eclipse series, each plate must simply be placed in the applicator prior to label application. This feature alone equips any model in the Eclipse series to achieve the goals most commonly associated with automation—increased throughput speeds, precision placement and reduced operator effort—all with a small footprint. Every model can accommodate blank labels as well as pre-printed labels, utilizing thermal transfer technology for print and apply automation. 

  • Easily integrated into system workflows, or utilize as a standalone system
  • Apply up to 4 labels per plate
  • Integrated barcode reader to scan and verify a readable barcode prior to label application
  • Placement accuracy: ± 0.35 mm
  • Small footprint
  • High print quality (600 dpi)
  • Label application times of less than 3 seconds per label
  • Accommodate plate variance with adjustable height axis
  • Process capable and validated, resulting in reduced changeover time, downtime, and liability
  • Flexibile print file setup, simply utilize your existing label design software

Eclipse 100

The Eclipse 100 precisely applies plate labels as an operator manually presents each plate to the applicator via print and apply automation.

Before application, an integrated barcode scanner verifies that each barcode is readable and that the encoded information matches what was entered.

Eclipse 200

One step up from the Eclipse 100 is the Eclipse 200. Like the Eclipse 100, the 200 also features print and apply automation in combination with scan verification to ensure accuracy.

Additionally, the Eclipse 200 features a rotation nest that allows for hands-free application of microwell plates to multiple sides of the plate.

Eclipse 250

In addition to the features that come with the 100 and 200—including scan verification and plate rotation, the Eclipse 250 automatically adjusts to the height of any plate after it’s been placed in the nest.

This makes labeling plates of various heights extremely simple as no manual adjustments are required between plates.

Laboratory Resource Management

Tracking high-value samples across multiple systems and locations can be a challenge in any laboratory. Without proper infrastructures in place this can lead to higher costs and lower visibility. Computype’s Digital Traceability Platform helps track critical assets digitally and physically – monitoring storage, usage, and more.

Interested in improving your lab’s efficiency with precision label automation for well plates?

Invest in the Eclipse applicator series to simplify your labeling process.

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