The Axon 2 is a print-and-apply label automation system engineered by cab—who is best known for their robust printers and benchtop label automation. As a result of the success of the Axon 2—and recognizing potential improvements—cab decided to expand the series by introducing the Axon 2.1

So, what is the Axon 2.1, and what makes it different from the Axon 2? Let’s take a look:

What is the Axon 2.1?

The Axon 2.1 is a benchtop automated tube and vial labeler featuring cab’s globally recognized engineering and print technology. The 2.1 is an extension on the existing Axon 2 series, as such, it offers all of the same features and benefits as its predecessor, with a bit more flexibility.

How does the 2.1 compare to the Axon 2?

When you outline the specs of these two applicators, it becomes abundantly clear they share a lot of features. In addition to the technological details, both offer the following benefits:

  • Compact design that fits on a benchtop
  • User-friendly touch screen interface for simple and intuitive operation
  • Easy integration
  • Standard or High DPI options to accommodate labels big and small
  • Consistent and careful application
  • Optional tray and foot pedal for further reduced operator involvement
  • Affordability

The one major difference

There really is only one notable difference between the Axon 2 and the Axon 2.1, and that is the acceptable tube size range, and corresponding label width accommodations.

The Axon 2 is capable of handling tubes and vials between 38 and 105mm in length and 10-17mm in diameter. The Axon 2.1 is intended to accommodate slightly larger tubes and vials, with the ability to label tubes up to 120mm in length and between 16-20mm in diameter.

Additionally, the Axon 2.1 is able to accommodate labels as wide as 110mm, while the Axon 2 is capable of printing onto media as wide as 56mm.

What’s the big deal?

While it may not seem like a huge deal that the new model can apply larger labels to larger tubes, to some facilities it certainly is.

Ever since its release, cab’s Axon 2 has been getting a lot of attention—and for good reason! We touched on the fact that not only is cab recognized worldwide for their quality engineering, but the Axon 2 is the most affordable tube and vial labeler on the market to date. Trustworthy + affordable is a very solid equation.

The unfortunate thing is, while the release of the Axon 2 was certainly something to celebrate for many labs and storage facilities—others missed out due to their tubes and vials being outside of the range the Axon 2 could accommodate.

With the introduction of the Axon 2.1, breaking free from the time consuming and laborious duty of hand-labeling is more accessible than ever, and we think that’s pretty neat.

The Axon 2 series as a whole is increasing the accessibility of reliable tube and vial label automation with its compact size and ability to stay within budgetary constraints. While the difference between the Axon 2 and 2.1 may seem minor, it meets a broader range of needs at a reasonable price point—and we think that will make a significant difference in the accessibility of labware label automation as a whole.


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