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The modern world runs on software—and software plays a vital role in bar code label printing as well. While pre-printed labels are often the most cost-effective and durable solution, there are often situations in which the data to be printed is not available until the label is needed. Variable information such as lot number, date (current or expiry), and other item-specific data requires on-demand printing.

Computype offers different software solutions for diverse needs—we never take a “one-size-fits-all” approach to meeting customer needs.

commercial software packages

Computype supports two major software packages designed for printing barcode labels and managing the data to be printed. Both are based on driving thermal transfer printers, the overall best technology for on-demand production of barcode labels.

Label design software simplifies the process of accommodating a wider variety of labels and gives you a much wider array of design options no matter your label size. Most standard label design programs will allow you to reformat your text, include barcodes and add imagery, logos, and variable data. The two main programs we recommend are NiceLabel and BarTender.

Custom Solutions

There are situations where standard, out-of-the-box label design software will not meet client needs. We also offer customized software solutions to meet those needs At least two areas need to be considered when determining which approach makes sense for you: Print triggering, and data input. Computype’s software experts determine how to get the necessary data from the available files and systems and get that information onto a label.

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