Biobank Tracking and Management Services.

Computype has the resources and methodologies needed by biobanks to properly identify, preserve, store, and monitor high-value assets for biomedical research. We can ensure sample integrity throughout long-term cryogenic storage and support increased asset visibility and monitoring from collection through shipment.

Biobank inventory management.

Cryogenic Storage

Often in support of contemporary or personalized medicine, biobanks are a required resource for research laboratories around the world. Cryogenic storage is often used in biobanking to preserve the integrity and stability of biologic samples, specimens, and other high-value assets. However, the sample isn’t the only component that needs to survive a biobank’s storage conditions – each asset’s unique barcode needs to remain intact and scannable as well.

Sample Identification

A biobank’s primary responsibilities revolve around both sample integrity and data integrity. Beginning with the sample – each individual sample stored within a biobank needs to be properly labeled and identified. Ideally, samples are stored in containers with permanent identifiers (such as ceramic or direct mark barcodes) that can survive long-term cryogenic and liquid nitrogen storage.

Specimen Tracking

Once a biobank accepts a biospecimen for storage they will then need to monitor many specific factors including identifying data relating to the sample as well as storage conditions, expiration dates, etc. Biobanks hold a number of heavy responsibilities as they often store human samples, and therefore need to maintain full audit trails and chain of custody records. Biobanks employ software solutions to properly track and monitor their specimens.

Frozen Vials in Cryogenic Storage

Biobanking Digital Traceability Software

Biobanks shoulder a significant responsibility in handling human biological samples. Managing the collection, processing, storing, tracking, and shipment of biospecimens requires accurate and transparent data. Computype’s Digital Traceability Platform provides an infrastructure that allows you to track critical assets digitally and physically via RFID and barcode identification. Our platform is a full-service, end-to-end traceability solution that can integrate into existing systems – incorporating item labels and tags, customized entry points, readers and scanners, and other data points. With this data collection, you can produce powerful intelligence and predictive analytics to inform decision making and promote efficiency and growth.

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