Join Computype at the 2023 AABB Annual Meeting in Nashville

Come and join us at the 2023 AABB Annual Meeting in Nashville from October 14–17. Visit our booth #905 and explore the latest advancements in blood product identification and tracking.

Blood Tracking Solutions.

At Computype, we know that data integrity, product reliability and patient safety are paramount to your success, mission and reputation. Did you know about 70% of the North American blood supply is meticulously tracked with Computype’s custom-designed DIN label sets? Our commitment to quality and affordability has made us a trusted partner for blood banks & labs across the world.

Ensure proper handling in blood collection and donation identification

Custom layouts for Din label sets

Ensure consistency and accuracy in blood donation identification with sequential, color-coded barcode DIN label sets.

Safely manage blood products with item level tracking and monitoring

digital asset management

Leverage a data-driven infrastructure that allows for tracking both digitally and physically, for the ultimate intelligence in your blood bank or collection site.

Preserve tissue samples and biopsy specimens through staining procedures

self laminating slide labels

Our custom FLAP labels create a hydrophobic barrier that prevents stains from coming in contact with the barcode image.

Easily print high-resolution, small barcode labels on demand

globally trusted print solutions

The Zebra ZD desktop printer series are some of the most widely used models, trusted by hospitals, laboratories, and other medical facilities. 

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