Identify, track, and manage small molecules in drug discovery.

Enhance efficiency in drug discovery with advanced identification and tracking solutions, streamlining sample management processes and ensuring data integrity. Maximize research productivity and accelerate science by implementing cutting-edge technology that enables end-to-end traceability of fractions, compounds, and assay plates throughout the experimental pipeline.

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As a leading partner in global drug discovery labs, we know how crucial every container, sample, and data element is to the outcome of your discovery strategies.


Don’t jeopardize your research goals because of an unidentifiable or unusable sample; bespoke container ID strategies can ensure every compound is accounted for and contains the right information you need to be quick, accurate & successful.


Eliminate gaps or doubts in data management associated with sample tracking and let the barcode assist in capturing information related to chemical location, concentration and audit trail.


Effectively manage compounds and assays.

Enable rapid sample identification and tracking throughout every research stage. Increase data accuracy and reproducibility by integrating barcoded plates and readers, ensuring seamless transfer of information between research groups and software platforms. Enhance regulatory compliance and audit readiness by implementing comprehensive tracking solutions that provide detailed records of sample movement and experimental parameters, supporting robust quality control practices.

Safely and accurately enter high-value compounds into long-term storage

Pre-Barcoded Compound Storage Vials

Guarantee readable barcodes for the life of your container with advanced marking technologies for glassware including ceramic and fused bonding.

Keep track of assay plates and experiment data with barcode identification

Assay Plate Labels

Boost accuracy and efficiency in complex automated assays with microplate barcodes and custom at-a-glance identification strategies.

Enhance automated workflows by integrating label application

Microplate Label Automation

Achieve precise, efficient microplate label application to support complex automated assays and workflows by integrating label automation

Boost visibility and ensure end-to-end sample traceability in your lab

LabTrack™ Software

Digitally manage individual compounds and fractions including tracking sample history, monitoring storage and stock, eliminating blind spots.

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LRIG Toronto 2024
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