What are Sequence Management Services?

What are Sequence Management Services?

Barcode Basics | 19 October 2018

Posted by Lisa Sarvie

What are sequence management services?


Barcode sequence management services are required when labeling and identifying products, whether it will be managed by the label supplier or the user of the labels. These services are typically software systems that are designed to ensure no duplicate barcode identification numbers are ever printed by keeping track of all past orders and sequence numbers.

Industry Applications

In most industries, it is extremely important to prioritize the significance of accurate barcode sequence management. You can imagine in industries such as healthcare, the threat of duplicate labels could be life changing which is why many labeling companies will develop a proprietary system to ensure prevention of that from occurring. For example, Computype’s Barcode Sequence Management Services start in a database that allows tracking of sequential numbers printed on labels, so ranges are able to be accurately tracked.           

Another example where sequence management plays a crucial role is in the Transfusion Medicine industry. In this business, if a label were to be duplicated it could result in blood traveling to the wrong place, wrong patient, etc., which is unacceptable in this industry. It is important that donated blood is perfectly and accurately tracked to ensure it can be safely utilized when needed. If blood bags become unidentifiable, they are essentially a wasted donation as they cannot be traced back. Through utilization of sequence management, barcode sequences are traceable by part number, individual organization, or transfusion medicine processing center in cases of multiple locations. If a center has multiple locations, Computype’s software has the ability to group all locations together and track the sequences to ensure no duplicates. 

Libraries are an additional example of businesses that rely heavily on sequences. In many cases, libraries want to keep all sequences tracked together from various locations within a certain geographic region, ensuring no serial number duplication. Barcode sequence management services allow for the ability to group different companies or locations together and keep track of the records as compared to each other. For libraries with multiple locations, sequence management services might entail both printing the labels and tracking the sequences for all locations within the network, or printing for some locations while still keeping track of all sequences including locations that print remotely. This allows each individual location to be aware of previously used sequences to prevent duplication or mix-ups in inventory.

Barcode sequence management is also imperative in the tire manufacturing industry. In this space, sequence management services might be used to identify tire manufacturers with a specification number, and then all locations within that specification number will be grouped into one centralized sequence pool ensuring no duplicate serial numbers. As most tire companies are global, these types of services prove the most accurate and efficient way to guarantee the integrity of products.

How to Find the Right Sequence Management Services for You

These are just a few examples of how sequence management is utilized, however the service could be beneficial to many additional types of businesses and processes. Sequence management services offered by identification solutions companies allow for the ability to identify companies, locations, or industries through a specification number and have access to their sequence number records indefinitely. The benefits of like services are apparent in lack of duplicate labels printed, and accurate tracking numbers throughout entire businesses.

Here at Computype, we are proud to be a provider of this service offering and ensure our customers can safely and accurately track assets of value through utilization of barcodes.

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